Manila by Night

The City of the Old and the New

Come childe. This city is not at all what you expect. It will amaze you, or at the very least frighten you…

Manila by Night is a Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle that tells the stories of a coterie of Vampires from the new world sent as emissaries of the Camarilla to the Prince of the city. Throughout the course of the chronicle, the characters will explore the deepest and darkest parts of the city as well as themselves in search of secrets that will help them survive the nights ahead. But will the secrets they hope to find be their doom as well?

Players who participate in the chronicle may do the following actions and be rewarded:

2 xp for updating character background information( Allies, retainers, haven, personality)

2 xp for synopsis of the last session using a character's point of view

3 xp for making character fiction about the chronicle( what the characters does during downtime)

1 xp for posting misc. stuff 


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